Sunday, February 1, 2015

Paying it Forward

A while back ago, I can’t recall how many years, there was a movie with this little boy who understood somehow, the power of seemingly random acts of kindness. And the effects that could have on others (Pay to Forward). The idea he proposed, called “Pay it Forward”, involved the action of providing something positive to others, as a way of “paying” when others did the same for you.

I am always impressed when others understand this concept. In particular when you have been given chances in your life that have opened doors for you, and you then work to do the same for others when you have that opportunity,

Well I got to witness such an act this trip when out in Western Nepal. Gopal, his younger brother Naresh and Gopal’s best friend, Nichal, all were top of their class. Being such high achievers was imperative for them. For they would not have been able to secure scholarships to get that education, or any future education without it.  They all understand this. That without help from others, there was no way forward. To be able to just get the chance to achieve their dreams.

School children in western Nepal (Photo: JLewis, TDRF) 
So what did they decide to do? They, who are still not done with their undergraduate education, who don’t have full time jobs yet, and who make ridiculously little money. These young men, they decided that together, they could find the money anyway, to put together and provide scholarships for other students at the small rural school in far western Nepal. The school where they all found the break they so desired. And that they all so deserved. Education is a way forward. They understand this. And they want others to have this opportunity also.I am inspired every day by these amazing people. If we were all like them….I don’t see how the world would have any problems left at all.

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Gopal (center) his friend Nichal (left) and his younger brother Naresh (right) (Photo: JLewis, TDRF)

Gopal (center) announces plan for new scholarship (Photo: Jlewis, TDRF)